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The ‘superpowers’ that neurodiverse people bring to the workplace

What do Richard Branson and Elon Musk have in common (aside from being billionaire entrepreneurs)?


As employers gain more understanding and knowledge of neurodiversity, we can seek ways to be more inclusive by attracting and employing neurodiverse people – and harnessing their superpowers in the workplace.

Embracing neurodiversity in the workplace the people practice

Create a strengths-based culture and embrace neurodiversity in the workplace

Embracing a variety of different types of thinkers – or, neurodiversity – and focusing on enhancing the strengths of your employees can make your organisation more profitable and more enjoyable for your staff.

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Diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) – creating a better work experience for people of all identities and backgrounds

Research has shown that having a strong diversity, equity and inclusion strategy (DE&I) can transform a workplace by creating an engaged and empowered team that thrives in their environment. A solid DE&I strategy is critical in enhancing overall business performance for those seeking business outcomes.

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Female minorities in leadership Australia

While Australian companies are increasingly active in their efforts to drive gender equality, it probably won’t surprise you to know that women remain under-represented at every stage of the career pipeline in Australia.

Non verbal communication the people practice

The importance of non-verbal communication

What you say is important. But what you’re not saying is just as important. Your ability to communicate non-verbally speaks volumes – and it can sometimes contradict your words.

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One size doesn’t fit all in leadership

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to leadership. But you can take steps to create more personalised, meaningful interactions – and make your employees feel they are seen, heard, and valued.

Emotional intelligence the people practice

Using emotional and social intelligence as a tool

Consider a scenario where you have two candidates for a leadership position. Both are highly respected in their fields. How do you know which candidate to hire? Who will be better equipped to be able to effectively manage a team?

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A peek inside The People Practice

I firmly believe that people are a company’s biggest asset. I believe in the culture of collaboration, having open and transparent conversations, and focusing on health and well-being in the workplace. I believe that one of the best leadership traits is self-awareness, and exhibiting this trait at work will lead to a healthy workplace culture.

The great resignation the people practice

How to retain your people amidst the great resignation

The psychological impact of the ongoing pandemic has motivated many employees to rethink their career choices and consider their work/life balance more thoughtfully. This worldwide shift in mindset is what has propelled what’s been coined - The Great Resignation, a major uplift in employee movement that is predicted to affect businesses around the world.

Manager to leader the people practice

How to make the shift from employee manager to respected leader

In this blog, we discuss how to become a good leader even when managing people might not come naturally. Contrary to popular belief, being a people-first leader can be taught. So can the emotional intelligence required to be respected and effective, such as reading and responding to emotional cues and understanding tone and body language.

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People versus product: The tech start-up’s conundrum

As an entrepreneur, it’s sometimes hard to see the forest for the trees when you are stuck in the daily grind of keeping afloat. Widening your focus ensures your company moves seamlessly from product-centred to people-centred in order to scale up.

Onboarding the people practice

Creating value in the employee journey from beginning to end

Successful onboarding plans should be included in an employee health and wellbeing program and go over and above simply providing company policies and procedures. Well-rounded onboarding ensures new starters feel valued for their talent and expertise and are prepared to hit the ground running.

Psychological contract the people practice

The psychological contract – employee wellbeing is in the finer details

We are all familiar with employment contracts; we read them with a fine-tooth comb, i’s are dotted, t’s crossed, and we sign on the dotted line before commencing new employment with fervour.