A peek inside The People Practice

For a few months now, you may (or may not) have seen The People Practice lurking on social media, talking about leadership, employee welfare, and so much more.

But, who’s writing all these posts? And what does The People Practice actually do?

I’m Renee Healey, and I’ve worked in the Human Resources industry for over 15 years. During my time working with numerous companies in a range of industries, two things became apparent:

  • Many companies didn’t communicate to their staff that they were valued members of their team
  • Not all leaders were educated in how to successfully communicate and work with people

So, I founded The People Practice in 2021, with the aspiration to turn traditional human resources on its head.

1. What I believe

I firmly believe that people are a company’s biggest asset. I believe in the culture of collaboration, having open and transparent conversations, and focusing on health and well-being in the workplace. I believe that one of the best leadership traits is self-awareness, and exhibiting this trait at work will lead to a healthy workplace culture.

I am confident, passionate, and honest. I don’t beat around the bush – because I understand that sometimes my clients need to hear the hard truths in order to become their best self. My advice may be confronting, but it is tailored to ensure that my solutions will work for each circumstance and allow my clients and their employees to grow – both personally and professionally.

2. How I approach my work

Having worked across many different industries, with many different people, cultures, backgrounds, and beliefs, I understand that what works in one environment may not work in the other. Therefore, The People Practice offers a diverse range of services, from workshops and training, team building, coaching, and mentoring, HR support, policy development, talent acquisition, and so much more. Depending on each client’s circumstance, my services are tailored to deliver the best solutions.

Our complete list of services can be found here.

3. My business goals

My vision for the future is to implement long-term improvement that creates real, sustainable change for the better – not simply a band-aid fix. Companies consist of people – each with their own personalities and lives. I facilitate a safe, non-judgmental space for people to ask for help, discuss struggles, and allow solutions to surface.

Each situation is different – you might be supporting your team through mental health issues and awareness, training executive leaders, or curating a plan to tackle specific workplace struggles. My focus is that each of my client’s challenges are viewed through a people-focused lens and a determination to create a workplace where people thrive.

4. My personal goals

I’m committed to furthering my own education as the human resources industry continues to evolve to ensure my services are progressive, innovative, and relevant as possible. To achieve this, I’m dedicated to my own professional development – for example, I’m currently undertaking Joe Navarro’s body language/non-verbal communications course. I also set aside regular time to research, listen to podcasts, read books and articles, and gain real-life experience – all contributing to make The People Practice the leading HR consultancy firm (well, that’s the goal).

So, how can I help your business thrive?

Renee x

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